“Bones are broken and the will is sunk
How did everything get so fucked up?
Do you want to change your mind?
You can always change your mind

You and I could quit this scene
Build a town and then secede
Like an Adam and an Eve
Cause to the dreamers go the dreams
But the leaders have the lead
It’s a frightening, frightening thing

Born to the land of opportunity
Of manifest destiny
Do you want to change your mind?
You can always change your mind” -Guster

my words are still not going to capture the extent of what happened. out feelings. our fears. our… confusion. since the country has elected a new president, i am still looking to put together the pieces. i have looked to my heroes and even they have not been able to offer any inspiration or encouragement. it is harrowing. people are comparing 11/9 to 9/11, but as it remember it, our country bonded together after 9/11…

tonight the Pats play and flag is unfurled and the anthem is sung… I suppose life will go on. As President Obama said… the sun will still rise.

the country has validated all the horrible, hateful, hurtful things that one person has said. or at least stated that bigotry is not a deal-breaker. that it will be tolerated.

i don’t know where we go from here. but i think love still trumps hate.


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