didn’t realize it until today, but this week marks the one year anniversary of… a lot. the hurt has been there… a long time. i thought it would be better by now. i thought it would be worse. trying not to relive it and hoping i won’t.

soon kiley will play her first open mic. mine was a year ago this friday. what a whirlwind. how jess cooked me pasta and listened to me play in her living room. then we drove to saxby’s where you spent your time writing your dissertation. the room was sunny and painted yellow. and so began a short-lived tradition of drinking chai tea and water before performing. of introducing songs. of being brave.

that next day… a broken car and my last day at the internship from hell and coming up for air and crying so hard i couldn’t breathe. relief takes many forms, i suppose. you bought a case of beer (only on PA) for your friend’s birthday. then, you broke up with me. relief takes many forms.

the following day i played my first showcase. jubilee. shoreline. brace your heart. i have braced mine many times in the past year.

god i hope kiley’s first go-around goes around more smoothly.


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