Good bye 2014


And so the sun sets on 2014… What a year of transition. Changes in terms of family structure. I earned my doctorate and settled into a new job/postdoc in a new city with new friends and lovely roommates. Tiger and I braved 6.5 hours in the car on the way to Boston. I am so glad to say that my old friends remain near and dear to my heart. While in NJ, I spent time with Will, Erika, Laura, Shelley, Janki, and Sarah and it was invaluable, as if we never parted ways at all. We are made of the same soul stuff.

I played my first open mic this year, played my first two showcases, and was booked for my first paid gig. I wrote Brace Your Heart and Flight Plan. I gave the WISC-V for the first time and transitioned into scoring and interpreting it. I completed my first Uber ride. And paid all my own bills during the month when I didn’t incur tremendous medial bills or car repairs.

I loved more deeply this past year. And lost more deeply. And these two things in themselves seem like proof enough of a decent year. I heard my uncle cry for the first time. I cooked Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for my mother and whoever else wanted to come. I carved my first turkey. I was tempted to say I did these things by myself, but the older I get the more I realize that I am supported in a million ways by the universe around me.

And so it is… “No man is a failure who has friends.” Thank you, 2014.


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