“Science says stones don’t fly through water
And souls don’t matter if you love your mother
If karma could dance, she’d tango forever
And I’d sell my sleeves for some cloud ridden weather

Why can’t you see heaven won’t wait for us
Salutations and prayers are too laborius
All I want is love eternally
With your heart facing me” -HM

even without my rose-colored glasses, i see the silver lining now.

and in these moments of crisp fall and new beginnings i know. boston will be transformational.

“If I was crying
In the van with my friend
It was for freedom
From myself and from the land
I made a lot of mistakes” -ss

weekend edition:
– catching up with a friend from high school. and it being surprisingly comfortable and warm. and as adults we have shed our old skin but kept the parts inside that give us light and gravity and other virtues.
– seeing jon and mike and reminiscing about the days at harvard in 2003. eleven years ago! and we are still the same (good) people. in typical mike style, he informed us about the gay uncle theory and why joe biden is his nemesis.
– laundry and trader joe’s and harry potter. when did two-buck-chuck become three-buck-chuck?
– finishing my latest song, Flight Plan!
– an evening spent with a 20oz shipyard and a new friend that i’m quickly becoming closer to. we are broken in all the same places. we are stronger in all the same ways.
– walking back home in the rain. even the rainy days are better in boston. and i cannot tell if i had my fingers sunk into philly or if philly was gripping tight onto me. but, it is done now. boston is healthy and home.
– the topsfield fair! and food. and sun. and pumpkins. and goats. and rabbits.
– sunday evenings, winding down, making food for the week, and working on a report because of 90% genuine interest and only 10% fear of failing.