Yesterday’s TOVA administration was accompanied by sayings like “I hate TOVA” and “we’re not friends anymore.”

Today. ETD 4pm. ETA never. ETE six hours and counting.

NYC is such a special place. When you are in NYC, you are really somewhere.

NYC always makes me so nostalgic. We used to drink and talk and sleep from those tiny windows up there. It was a birds eye view of the city. Except this bid was nice and cozy behind walls and windows. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and remember that it all actually happened. That was ME in those memories!!

I love hearing people on the bus call their people and try to tell them where we are right now. The neighborhoods are always wrong or include some obscure reference. #amateurhour

yesterday i was asked to leave work early… a mental health half-day, if you will. because i became upset when asked about my weekend. i’ve never tried so hard and accomplished so little… and i’ve written a fucking dissertation. seeing my mom was heartwarming and hearbreaking. i wish you would let me be more of the daughter i want to be.

and so i went to a bakery and dunkin donuts to acquire quarters for laundry. and did said laundry. and played guitar and read and had sushi. and i felt better. i think.

today i transitioned to a new gastroenterologist. for as big as harvard-vanguard is, they really have it together and the experience felt very personal. this is genuinely exciting stuff for me.

still in love with boston. but also missing philly today… i miss hearing the word “jawn” and driving over 50mph and people who know the delicate and gentle familiarity of sadness.