Things that make me happy:
– Trips to Target with Kiley
– Watching Domenico do paint by numbers
– Evenings spent at Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market and the warf and the Customs House with Brent
– Watching street performers that pull at your heart strings
– Finding the A-B congregational church with Kiley, sermons that remind me of my time at Penn and impermanence and being humble
– Hearing THATH’s Let’s Be Still in church
– Walden Pond!!!
– Ribelle with Jose
– Sunday evening downtime
– Finishing two reports in one day
– Chai tea. Lots of chai tea.
– Playing my first open mic in Cambridge and being brave even though I felt in over my head
– Stoping for McDonald’s at 11:30pm with Domenico

Today is the first day (that I can remember) that the Boston weather hasn’t been absolutely gorgeous. September has been filled with days of cloudless skies and brilliant sunshine. Today is gray, but the gray only makes the other colors more vivid.

I am feeling too soulful to write this report.

First open mic today. I owe it to Philly to play my song of gratitude, hokey as it may be.

i work next to two diplomas, two pictures of tiger, and a lifesize cardboard cutout of joe biden. life is pretty good. jamming to some music, finishing up a report, and actually excited about mondays again. thank you, postdoc, for radically changing how i view myself, neuropsychology, and the people around me.

First 16 hours in Boston have been ok. Tiger did so well in the car and so far has adjusted beautifully. This room is… gently used. Mary still seems cool. I bought a parking spot from some guy named Harvey.

Walked to Starbucks at Cleveland Circle and then to the reservoir near BC. (Naturally, this Jersey girl looked for the water first.) Cleveland Circle didn’t seem like such a central location that it needed a name. But it got one, and that makes it important. The reservoir was so peaceful and the sky was so blue. It somehow smelled like the shore. And I took pictures and was happy.

There is an element to all this that escapes normalcy and makes it all seem like a very strange vacation instead of a permanent move for work. Now all the ideas I had about how life would be meet reality. I need to remind myself that all is not lost even if it does not exactly resemble what I imagined.

I almost thought I walked into the wrong apartment. Having attention problems and anxiety means that I don’t always take information in as accurately as possible. For example, I did not realize the watermarks on the ceiling. Or the cracks in the walls. Two bedrooms blended into one in my memory. This one is smaller than I imagined and now I’m not sure all the furniture will fit.

Boston has so many interesting smells that I can identify as familiar but can’t quite pinpoint. I would guess that some are a mix of dust and old brick in the hot summer sun. There is plenty of old charm but for the time being, I hope the old charm keeps four walls and a ceiling about me. But as Tom said, “Sometimes, you just have to live on the 4th floor.” My parking spot is so far away from the front door. And here is where adventure and inconvenience meet.

“And fuck what they’re saying
My mind is made up
And they’re all just starving
Like the rest of us
And I’m trying here, I’m trying here

Gone are the days when the wind would brush my face
Gone are the days when you’re the wind
Gone are the days when your heavy heart is worn on my sleeve” -THATH